Sunday, 28 August 2011

Light box

Learning how to take good photographs is going to be an ongoing journey for me.

After some research, I decided to make a light box.

First I bought a tripod so I can get clear photos (cute huh!? Now the camera has legs!)...

I cut three sides out of a cardboard box and lined the inside of the box with white paper. 

Then I cut a piece of board I bought at the art supplies shop to size so it would cover the back and bottom of the box. 

I used lots of glue and flexed it into place so there is a curve at the back/bottom of the light box.

I used double sided mounting tape to attach white cloth over the cut away sides....taa daa!

Now to add the light source and camera (any advice on what provides a good light source? I used the lamp I had on hand)....

But does it work?

Bludnut says...hell yeah!!

Not bad for a first attempt if I don't say so!

Thanks to the talented friends who've tutored me since the great introduction I received during Make Craft Your Business. Ideas? Suggestions?


  1. Brillant ! Good for you.....I love the lightbox and the results look great.
    Looking forward to seeing you at Made 'n Thornbury on OCtober 15th. Dee

  2. yay, well done on the lightbox Rosie!!
    looking good there.

    always a great idea to post edit your pics & adjust your levels aswell to get that nice crisp white look.

    excellent lightbox.

    keep on creating ♥


To Market, to market....

To Market, to market....
Rosie will be selling her handmade crochet brooches and hairpins at the Made 'n Thornbury Market, this Saturday 15th Oct, 10:00am - 2:30pm. Leinster Grove Community Centre, 99 Leinster Grove, Thornbury. Would love to see you there!